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Founded in 1966, SEMEL ASMI, the Israeli Association of Libraries and Information Centers, is an independent, non-profit organization of librarians and information professionals.

The Association's goals:

  • To support and advance the profession,
  • To create opportunities for cooperation and exchange of ideas,
  • To create and sponsor activities which further enhance knowledge and skills.

ASMI strives to achieve its goals through:

  • Sponsoring courses, tutorials, tours and conferences
  • Maintaining an up-to-date web-site, with news, forums, discussion groups, articles and announcements.
  • Publishing the journal "Information and Librarianship" since 1993, which is Israel's leading academic journal in the field.

Our members come from various libraries and information centers: academic, public, government, medical, Hi-tech and religious.

Membership benefits:

  • Reduced rates for participation in: professionsal conferences, courses, tours, etc.
  • Subscription to "Information and Librarianship". To view Table of Contents and abstracts in English from the last issue click here (Requires Acrobat reader). To subscribe please e-mail us.
  • Participation in the Association's professional tours abroad.

Join SEMEL ASMI today and meet people who share your professional interests and ideas.
Annual membership fee is 300 shekels; retired and students - 50% discount; first-year students - free.
עידכון אחרון ( Tuesday, 01 July 2008 )
אסמ"י בלום 8 כפר סבא 44253. טלפון: 077-2151800, פקס: 0774340509